What is Mission Support?

Have you ever wondered how your congregational mission support dollars are at work in our synod? This video explains the many ways your generosity is impacting lives in southeastern Minnesota and beyond!

Where Does Your Offering Go?

​​United Redeemer Lutheran Church

How Can I help?


Serving & Sharing: Volunteer your Time & Talents

CLICK HERE to print out a form to indicate how you can help our congregation by giving your time and/or talents.

Financial Giving: Show Me The Money!

CLICK HERE to help our congregation by giving a one-time or recurring monetary donation to help our congregation.

CLICK HERE to email the book-keeper with any questions or concerns about your financial giving.

Links about Stewardship and Mission Support:

10 Stewardship Principals

Spiritual Gifts Assessment Tool

CLICK HERE for a visual breakdown of where your money goes after the offering basket
 to read about Mission Support Church-Wide Offering details

CLICK HERE for the ELCA's information on Stewardship

CLICK HERE for the ELCA's information on Mission Support