​​United Redeemer Lutheran Church

~ If school is canceled for weather, we will NOT have class. ~

Youth and Family Director

Cindy Wilson
Email:youth@urlchurch.org  |  Office: 507.732.7303 ext.107  |  Cell: 507.421.4105

Pre-Confirmation Journey

7th Grade  

9:30 - 10:15am

​No More Sunday School-Here Comes Confirmation
You are in the 7th Grade now and the Sunday School curriculum is over. Sundays just got a lot more fun since you are older. Every Sunday (following the Sunday School schedule) you will meet in the Youth Room with a 7th Grade leader.

What do we do on Sunday mornings & Wednesday afternoons?
Bible study
Christian discussions
Q&A sessions
Christian themed movies & shows
Acolyte training
There will, also, be time to enjoy your surroundings. There will be opportunities to play games like pool, foosball, air hockey or ping pong. We also have WIFI access in the Youth room if you want to get online. PASSWORD: youth2013

Sunday & Wednesday Class Information & Dates
This is the first year we are offering a Wednesday after school pre-Confirmation program. Sunday mornings will be only for special Sundays, such as Acolyte training, Fundraising, & the option to help mentor younger age Sunday School children. Check the calendarto find dates for both Special Sunday classes, & all the dates for the new Wednesday classes. 

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Sunday School

Beginning Christian Education For Ages 3 - 6th Grade  

9:30 - 10:15am

Here at URLC, we believe that teaching children about God is a major part of our responsibility as a church-family. However, Sunday School is only one hour a week while the remaining time is yours to teach your child about God in your daily lives. Luther wrote his Small Catechism to be used in the home by parents. At URLC parents are responsible for their children’s growth in their faith as the primary Christian Educators both at home and in the Sunday School classrooms. If it wasn’t for our parent volunteers this Sunday School program would not be possible. Please consider helping our program in any way you can.

About  the Lectionary Curriculum
We will be following the Whirl Lectionary curriculum. The program provides workshops with the same lesson we hear at the church worship service on that same day of Sunday School. For kids in Nursery to Grade 6, each workshop is focused on a rich Bible story about particular characters. The lesson resources are organized into 3 age groupings:
· Nursery (Ages 3-4)
· Lower Elementary (Preschool - 2nd grade)
· Upper Elementary (3rd - 6th grade)

About the Workshops & Classrooms
Each Sunday the classes meet in the Worship Center at 9:15am. Our Youth Director will greet everyone with a Bible story video, & singing. At 9:35am the kids will go to their room to continue with the Bible story they have just watched on the video, & will continue with a project directed by their teacher. Found in front of Pastor Marggi’s office is a map indicating where each classroom is located. 

Volunteer Sunday School Team
Each room is assigned a few teacher volunteers, who take turns teaching the lessons. Each class is assigned a shepherd.

Our program relies 95% on the team of volunteers who dedicate one hour on Sunday to provide Christian education and guidance to the young members of our church family. We are always looking for volunteers to help in Sunday School. Please contact Cindy at Youth@urlchurch.org if you are interested in helping. This does not have to be a big volunteer responsibility. You can just volunteer with what works into your schedule.

Inviting Sunday School Parents to Fellowship
While your child or children are enjoying Sunday School we want all parents to know that they are also invited to the Reception Hall from 9:30-10:15am. Many URLC members meet up in the Fellowship Hall for coffee, cookies, conversation and often times a presentation.

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​*Confirmation is standing up and affirming your Baptism. Affirming that you do believe in God.

URLC’s Confirmation Program
The years during which your son or daughter will be involved in the confirmation learning experience are an important and exciting time in the development of their faith. Together we will study Luther’s Small Catechism, explore the Bible and its relevance for our lives, there will be opportunities for intentional servant projects and fellowship events. After the two year confirmation journey together the confirmands will affirm the promises made for them when they were baptized.

The learning method used at United Redeemer Lutheran Church is a combination of large and small group experiences. The core of confirmation education is the small group, which includes 6 to 8 students who meet regularly with an adult mentor. In the 8th and 9th grade the students meet weekly on Wednesday nights. In the 10th grade they will have 2 group class times with the pastor to discuss their personal faith statements and Confirmation Bible verse. Confirmation Sunday will be on Reformation Sunday of your child’s tenth grade year.  

The confirmation curriculum covers 2 years of study. They will cover themes such as: The Lord’s Prayer, Apostles’ Creed, Ten Commandments, Baptism, Communion, Martin Luther, and Confession, Confirmation & Call. 

Confirmation Requirements
Attend a Meeting of Parents and Students 
Attend Wednesday Classes and Discussion Times
Attend Worship
Take Sermon Notes: 18 need to be turned in for each of the two years of Sunday worship services and   4 sermon notes from Lenten Services. Sermon Notes are accepted from other churches, but not from TV Ministries. Sermon Notes will be collected in the rack outside of the Youth Director’s office.  
Perform 8 Service Events: in both your 8th and 9th grade years. 5 of the events should include helping as an usher, lector, acolyte, Sunday school helper, helping with worship music or other approved service projects.   Three of the events should be Pastor approved projects outside the church.
Attend Camp: The summer between the 7th grade year and 8th grade year attendance to Confirmation camp. (assistance programs to pay for this are available) Camp is held at Good Earth Village, usually the first week after school has ended.  

Each Student will be required to fulfill EIGHT events of service in their 8th and then again in their 9th grade year. FIVE events must be a service within United Redeemer doing things such as: ushering, lecturing, acolyte, helping out with Sunday School, and/or helping with Worship music. THREE of the events must be done outside of the church. The outside service projects must be approved by Pastors.

 10th Grade Expectations!
Confirmation Sunday is the last Sunday in October

Confirmation Sunday is held on Reformation Sunday, the last Sunday in October.  (The day Martin Luther nailed the 95 theses on the church door to reform the Catholic church into what we now know as the Protestant church.) The service for the Confirmands will be held at the second service. We will be holding a reception for the Confirmands, their parents, their family, their friends, and their sponsors at SFF (9:10-10:10 am) that day.  Please plan on attending this as well.  Pictures will be taken by a professional photographer on the Wednesday prior to Confirmation Sunday at 7:00 pm.  You will be given a form to fill out as to what you wish to purchase, if anything.  Following the pictures we will have a short rehearsal.  Attendance on Wednesday is mandatory, and come dressed in what you will wear on Confirmation Sunday!

Confirmation Requirements
To be confirmed at United Redeemer we look through several different things. Your attendance, sermon notes, service requirements.  Also, your favorite Bible verse will be read at the reception on Confirmation Sunday.  You will have made a poster celebrating your Baptism and this will be displayed as well.

The Past!  Yes we do take into consideration what you have done. We will look at your attendance, sermon notes, and service requirements over the past two years.  If one or more of these areas, we feel, is lacking we will contact you.  There may be some things you can do to make this up before Confirmation Sunday and still be confirmed with your class.  

Who is responsible for confirmation education?
When children are baptized, the Parents and Sponsors receive the charge to “Faithfully bring them to services of God’s house, teach them the Lord’s Prayer, the Apostles’ Creed and the Ten Commandments, place in their hands the Holy Scriptures and provide for their instruction in the Christian Faith.” Parents are the primary Christian educators of their children through their words and actions, their attitudes and example, and the help and encouragement they provide. Parents are asked to pray for their children and to see that their children attend confirmation classes, fellowship events, service projects, and camp, as well as attend worship services, take sermon notes and complete other requirements.

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